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Nerds on the Road goes mobile!

I dont often run into websites online that are mobile friendly unless they are fairly large companies. They seem to have the money and time to work on the extra project, although an important one. Making your site mobile and especially touch screen friendly is important in an age where pretty much everyone, including 10 year old kids, has a mobile browser. It has become one of the most popular ways to browse the internet and cannot be ignored by anyone.

Everyone with an iPhone knows how annoying it is to go to a site and have to finger zoom, rotate and wipe across the screen looking for links to more sections. Even more annoying is when the site just doesn’t work well enough to tolerate. The Nerds on the Road website worked fine on my iPhone but was as annoying as any other site to get around.

Solution: the wptouch plugin for WordPress by

As you can see, the is a plugin for wordpress only and any blog not using wordpress is lacking anyways. WordPress has so many options for SEO, networking, pinging, caching, and updating. There is even a great app for wordpress on the iPhone (download) that I use pretty regularly. It’s especially useful for uploading photos directly to wordpress from your phone (rather than emailing them to yourself) and of course you can write blogs when you’re not around a computer – but as you can imagine, writing an entire blog on a touch screen keyboard is a nightmare.

As soon as I found wptouch I had some problems installing, so I thought, really I had just checked the box for “show regular site for 1st time visits” and my iPhone would never show the mobile site, second visit or 10th – so beware of that.

First thing to do is come up with a color scheme, which is really limited but I cant complain giving what the plugin does. Then go and create your icons for your home page and all the pages you decide to have on the mobile site. A link next to the icon section sends you to a great site for making icons for iPhones, sites, apps or profiles. Then install WordTwit though your plugins>add new, configure your settings there and you’re live!

Anyone with wordpress can have a mobile site and now that I know that I have about 10 more mobile sites to make for myself, clients and friends. And I thought I wouldnt have any work Christmas week!

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