Download whole Facebook photo albums, yours or friends’


Recently for a job I had to find a way to move over all the photos from their personal profile to their fan page. They had 7 albums and from 30 t0 100 photos in each album! Me and Ross scoured the internet for a decent Facebook photo downloader – rather than the most common uploaders, and came across many that either charged money or seemed cheap and flaky in general.

Ross found an awesome Mozilla add-on called FacePAD made by a geek who calls himself “Lazyrussian” and an Experimental Nuclear Physics Ph.D. Student. Besides the fact that it’s an approved Mozilla add-on, I’ll download anything that guy makes, even if only in good humor.

The add-on can be used to download your own albums or the albums of friends. Installation is pretty simple, just go to this website -xxx its gone! xxx  and follow instructions. After it’s installed you’ll be asked by the add-on toolbar to restart Firefox.

After you restart Firefox just go to Facebook, login, and head over to your photos to test it out by right clicking on the name of the album and selecting “Download album with FacePAD” which should be the third option down.

Now here’s the only problem – if you want to get photos from an album that has more than one page of photos (more than 20), it’s better if you click the name of the album – just a regular click – once in the album you will see the numbered list of pages on the top right above a grid of about 20 photos. Right click the numbers of the pages, including the page you are on, and choose “Download album with FacePAD”.

If you go to the TOOLS>ADD-ONS>FacePAD Preferences and set the language to English, the extension will download all the photos on every page in the album without you having to click on the page number. Check out the video as well: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rHqbx5Q1oyM

Also, LazyRussian made a new extension. Buzz It! The world’s first Firefox extension for Google Buzz: http://lazyrussian.com/my-projects/buzz-it/

Your photos will download to the folder Downloads (not the one in your documents folder) that you can access by searching in the start menu, going to your user folder (one up form documents) or hell, maybe it’s already in your start menu – you’ll find it.

Copy or drag the images to the folder you want them in and your good!

You can use this on all your friends albums but not friends of friends, groups or pages that you are not a fan of.

Some of you might say its a breach of privacy but that’s the public internet world people, sorry. If you don’t want your photos downloaded by your friends, de-friend them or stop uploading photos to Facebook that you don’t want public. As far as Facebook goes, no photo will ever be high enough quality for a good print so no one can REALLY steal your art so you don’t have anything to worry about there.

Disadvantage for me – this does not of course download the captions and I still have to do all of those by hand! It did save me about 3 hours of work though and I thank it much.

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