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Four Corners and Monument Valley Road Trip

Showing visitors amazing places, or discovering them together, is one of my favorite things about travel, and we don’t get visitors often. One Saturday in February, Ash and I left Ross alone at the cabin and took off with Sherlock to see the Four Corners National Monument and Monument Valley National Park.

We left ultra early in the morning from the cabin, grabbed coffees and snacks and were on our way. We arrived at Four Corners National Monument around 1pm. Although we’ve been close several times, Ross and I have never gone, even when Blair was here we passed it up, and as I expected, I was not very impressed. I love the region of course and it’s neat to be in “four states at once” but really, it’s merely symbolic, and the location is a bunch of concrete and empty vendor booths. I felt a bit ripped off on the price of $5 a person to stand there for 5 minutes and take a photo, though we did get some good ones (ones of me are still on Ash’s phone I assume).

We drove on, trying to get to Monument Valley by 3pm, already a bit late to do the full loop, but we would get to see quite a bit of it. We made it as far as the food trailer and vendors at John Ford’s viewpoint and had a picnic with stray dogs. The one we hung out with the most did not like Sherlock much, but she behaved herself for free tortillas and homemade seitan.

When we left, the sunset was gorgeous and we stopped off at a motel/bar hanging from a cliff for a beer, where oddly enough, I saw a beaver swimming in the river below. Then, a long night drive ahead back to Durango after a relatively short, but fun, road trip!


On a country road that cut up from four corners back to the highway that Monument Valley was on, we stopped to see the cave with the wall (previous pictures) and came across a herd of goats, sheep, and dogs walking down the road. We gave them right of way and watched them trot by.

My favorite car in Utah.
My favorite car in Utah.

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