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Fourth of July Weekend – Zion National Park

We decided on the fly to go to Kanab, Utah for the 4th of July. We had stayed there 2 summers ago and really enjoyed the size and quaintness of the 4th of July celebration. There would be a small parade featuring interesting vehicles, people dressed up as hilarious characters and regular bouts of water sprayed at you. In the evening, amazing fireworks would echo off and light up the canyon walls surrounding the north side of town. Blair seemed interested and it was a great chance to see Zion National Park again.

We dropped Sherlock off at her pet sitter early Friday morning and were on our way. It was a 3+ hour drive to Kanab. We arrived just after 11 and set up camp, afterwards getting lunch at the Rocking V Cafe, after finding out that our favorite place had closed. Despite our sadness over having no tofu chick’n nuggets from Charlie’s, we didn’t regret the Rocking V at all, we had very filling blackbean burgers and a light beer: A good lunch for our proposed hours of hiking in Zion.

We lost an hour due to the time zone change so we didn’t arrive in Zion til around 2pm. Along the way we stopped to photograph some bison at a ranch just before the park and pulled over for a short hike up a sandstone mountain for a great view of the area.

Despite it being the Friday before a holiday weekend, we actually found a parking spot at the park entrance. In the past we’ve had to park in the nearby town and take a city bus to the park where we would catch the Zion bus and reach the trails.

Our favorite trail, Hidden Canyon, was closed for repairs, so we instead checked out the nearby Weeping Rock then took the Kayenta Trail to the Upper Emerald Pool. The Kayenta trail was great. Lots of amazing views and fewer people than when we met up with the Emerald Pool visitors. When we finally reached the pool we found ourselves among at least 100 people, all sitting around taking a break after the hike. It was a busy day at the park but overall very worth it.


bison zion 2

bison zion

zion road

Kayenta trail 1

Kayenta trail view 2

Kayenta trail 2

Kayenta trail view 1

Kayenta trail view 3


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