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Why The Gourmet Foraging Trend Is Good For Your Health

At its heart, foraging is the basic act of sourcing and harvesting wild food and gathering resources from the land. You can do it anywhere, which makes it an ideal thing to try on your travels. Gourmet foraging takes that idea one step further to create unique dishes, rich in taste and flavor, using locally foraged ingredients. Foraging, particularly the gourmet kind, takes practice, patience and a healthy dose of creativity for serving up some delicious and unique recipes. Not only that, but it’s actually a very healthy and sustainable way to eat.

Better and cleaner nutrients

Wild species naturally hold more vitamins and minerals than their closest cultivated cousins. Mother Nature doesn’t add any preservatives or chemicals to the food, or into the soil it is grown in, so the plants that you forage will be naturally organic (unless you locate them close to sources of pollution.) They will inevitably be fresher than produce purchased at your local store, meaning all of their goodness will still be intact on consumption, as long as you eat them relatively soon after collecting them. It is important to do your homework; not all plants are edible and some can cause serious health problems if you eat them. This is a great excuse to break up any trip to stop and forage for locally sourced ingredients for your next meal.

It’s great exercise

Foraging is a great way to explore the country and rural areas when you are traveling. You can experience new places, sights, smells and tastes on your travels. It can even be quite a strenuous activity; you won’t only be walking, you may find your trails take you off-the-beaten-track, up streams, and down valleys. Don’t forget the reaching, stretching, squatting and crouching your body will endure as you are foraging for edibles high and low.

You can forage anywhere

You may be surprised at just how accessible foraging is. You don’t have to travel far, you can find natural supplies on your own doorstep – even if you live in urban areas. Luckily, you don’t have to go in blind; helpful websites full of collaborated information can guide you on where to find seasonal harvest by using a map. You can travel the world, and enjoy a vast array of foraged foods, each individual to their environment and climate. This means that you can actually acclimatize better to your local environment, as each specimen you eat contains lots of information about the local eco-climate. Once eaten, your immune system uses this information to build up its’defenses, resulting in a healthier body and strengthened immune system.

Foraging is an exciting and enjoyable way to discover new tastes and get the essential nutrients your body needs. You can explore so many new places, and have a lot of fun trying out different recipes with your newly found foraged goods.


Photo by Nico Benedickt on Unsplash


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