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Nerds Off Road: Sortais Road, Durango Hills

We’ve been exploring the area a little more and since it’s planning to rain on us all weekend, perhaps one of our last weekends to ride, we took off after work to the forest service road right next to the house. It’s gated but a local woman says she rides up there all the time, so we went for it. The last road we took was also gated, but didn’t say it was actually closed, so it just seems to be a normal thing around here. Probably due to the forest cows, which we normally run into a lot in the area.

This road, (with a few names but we’ll call Sortais) was much rougher than expected! A good thing as we can ride regular dirt roads any time. It was full of ruts, dips, bumps and puddles of unknown depth. The hills were rather rocky, which on the way down was hard to brake on, but overall we did good. We made it up to the top, where it ends at a couple cell phone towers. Amazingly there were a few workers up there with smaller trucks, not a road we’d take the truck up but then, their trucks were much lighter. We took some pics and waved on our way out, stopping at another tower before heading back down the hill. There’s one more way we can check out but it was too close to dark so we headed home. Hopefully we’ll get another chance and the rain won’t ruin the road entirely!

A few pics of The Nerds off road:

san juan valley 2

ross up high

kat up high

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