Colorado dualsport National Forest

Lemon Reservoir and Forest Service Road 597


On one of our previous rides in the area we ran into a woman walking her dogs who rode a dirt bike and recommended the forest service roads nearby Lemon Reservoir, about 7 miles down the highway from us near Vallecito, Colorado. We had an excellent ride in great weather, probably some of the last good weather for a long while.
The Forest Service road 597 was incredibly rocky, for a road, full of some dangerous but avoidable holes and ruts and went on for a very long time up into the mountains. We rode on for a couple hours, stopping for a picnic and to take in the views (and to rest our sore legs from squatting). The rain was due to start around 5pm and we still had a long chili ride home on the highway to come.
We started playing around with video perspectives more to make the videos more interesting, and of course, made it about 500% shorter so no one gets too bored.

Us and the bikes:

The awesome scenery:

Lemon Reservoir

Lemon Reservoir

ross road 597

Forest Service Road 597

colorado road to lemon

Highway 243

florida river_

Florida River

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