Electrical Issues,  Mechanical

Rain on the Windscreen

When we got the RV, another one of the projects we had to work on was the windscreen wipers.  There were wiper arms,  something which may once have been wiper blades crumbling on the windscreen, a broken wiper motor and a few loose wires hanging behind the dash.  Exactly where the switch went I don’t know.


This was a fairly minor project.  We purchased a new wiper motor online, somehow only paying $5 for shipping.  No idea how companies price shipping.  Seems to be entirely arbitrary.  Anyway, fitting the new motor involved little more than removing a grill and and 4 bolts holding the old motor in place, and replacing it.  This was all great – I could wipe the windscreen clear any time I felt like tapping a wire on one of the battery terminals, but you can probably get a ticket if you try do that kind of thing while you’re driving.

3wayWiring the switch into the dash was a little more complicated.  Really we needed a 4-state switch – off, low speed, high speed and washer jets.  We opted to just get a 3-state switch, and forget low-speed mode.  The resistor required for low-speed operation was missing anyway, which is why you can see the two wires twisted together in front of the wiper motor.  I wasn’t responsible for this, and it’s a minor example of the lazy hack-jobs that have been done throughout the vehicle’s wiring.  Wiring the switch took a while of staring at the circuit diagrams in the maintenance manual to work out.  And despite being absolutely, mostly, fairly..somewhat sure I wired it right, the windscreen wipers don’t park themselves when the switch is set to the off position.  I’ll have to pull the switch and fix that, but at least for now, we can drive in the rain without having to guess where we are going.

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  • R2D2

    “Nerds on the Road”???? When are you on the road? You guys do an awful lot of sitting in the RV.

    Perhaps you should rename it as:


    Ditching the 4 cats is low. Hope that guy gets his when draining the septic tank.

  • Katya

    Ok silly person. The best thing you can do for a pet is find it a loving home, any loving home. Rehoming cats with awesome people in homes with less cats competing for attention is the nice thing to do, whether traveling or not. I guess we should have just forced them to live in a tiny RV crammed together and freaked out eh. They are all rescue cats that were saved from bad situations and were intended for rehoming in the first place, plus, they’re not going to the pound so get over it.

    We are not in the driveway. The RV and Katya are in Spokane for the month getting the kinks out of living in the “’73 beast full of issues” while Ross is in Portland sorting last minute things out and working. Did we really have to wait till we were driving to start blogging? Plus, do you expect that we will only be blogging while driving? Traveling in an RV means stopping in places for periods of time, not constant moving. Who the hell can afford that kind of gas and maintenance bill?

    If you are going to bother to read the blog, read the blog and get your info straight before being rude.

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