The bike (yet to be named) at the top of a nearby road

Getting the Bike Back on the Road for Spring

I have luckily had a pretty slow week, my favorite kind, and the weather is much warmer than it has been, even with the wind (which on sunny days is still usually too brisk for working outside very long in). Yesterday I decided to work on my bike (a 1981 Honda cm200t), removing its winter protection and…

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Goodbye 1973 Dodge Brougham

So we sold the Brougham, well rather traded. It was a sad day but much less so knowing it was going to a good home. Many people looked at it, a couple older men who wanted to live in it in their yards while they worked on their houses, a couple who wanted it for a mobile…

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A Nerds Thanksgiving

I have never really liked Thanksgiving much for many reasons and being British, Ross just doesn’t have it drilled into him like I do. I don’t like Thanksgiving  firstly due to the story itself. The idea of a bunch of Puritans having dinner with a group of American Indians just doesn’t sit right with me. I can…

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Rain on the Windscreen

When we got the RV, another one of the projects we had to work on was the windscreen wipers. There were wiper arms, something which may once have been wiper blades crumbling on the windscreen...

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