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Delivery Day!


I finally got my trailer lights from Amazon. My friend Lisa in Santa Ana (CA) saw them at a Walmart a few months ago and told me to check it out. They didn’t have them at Walmarts in Portland but I easily found them online. They are deceivingly small in the photo on Amazon. I was expecting them to be a couple inches long and inch tall but they are pushing 3×2.5 inches (red potato size). (Camco 42655 RV Retro Travel Trailer Party Light)

Same day I also got the remaining items for my counter top mosaic experiment.
I wanted to continue the “Day of the Dead” – Skull, theme I have going so I went to Etsy to find most of what I wanted.

The letters are vintage game pieces I bought at a little store in Portland but you can also find them on Etsy, usually about .25 cents each. (check out the game letters). Many of them will even let you spell things out! Something I wish I’d done and still may.

The shattered glass in the top right corner is windshield glass I got by asking a glass shop if they had any laying around. They emptied out their shop-vac for me and after a little cleaning and drying (and the occasional hand cutting) I have lots of pretty blueish glass to play with. I’m planning to glue them into shapes using Diamond Glaze, the same thing I will be using for the backs of the tiles as well as jewelry I plan to make in the near future.

The square white tile in the bottom left is what will make up most of the counter.

One thing I’m planning to use for the backs of the glass tiles is art from some of my art books. I haven’t gone through them all but Puro Muerto is one of the main ones I’ll be using. It’s a collection of Day of the Dead art from various Mexican artist.


The last thing on my delivery day list is my pile-o-pompoms. I call them dingle balls, no idea why. I bought 3 yards of the seafoam/blue and 7 yards of the petite purple from Christopher Pines on Etsy. Christopher has tons of pom poms, ribbon and lovely German glass glitter (which I bought 2 bags of previously) and will make you custom orders based on your needs if you email and ask!


I love Etsy, especially the option to search by “Supplies”. So many great deals.

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