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Fourth of July Weekend – Zion National Park

We decided on the fly to go to Kanab, Utah for the 4th of July. We had stayed there 2 summers ago and really enjoyed the size and quaintness of the 4th of July celebration. There would be a small parade featuring interesting vehicles, people dressed up as hilarious characters and regular bouts of water sprayed at…


Dog Canyon Trail, Oliver Lee State Park

We’ve been on our bikes so much lately that we haven’t done much hiking in this area. Luckily/unluckily Ross’s bike was out of commission for a weekend while we waited on a new throttle cable so we took the opportunity to catch up on some nature (that we weren’t passing at 15-30 miles an hour). We looked…

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White Sands National Monument, White, Windy and Warm

Today was kind of a laid back day. We’re both resting our wrists and hands from a beating they took last Sunday and both of our bikes are desperately in need of new chains and sprockets. They’re scheduled for next week to have them put on, and in the meantime, we get to just hang out in this beautiful region via…

Wisteria Arch
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Jungle Gardens on Avery Island

The Lafayette area of Louisiana has quite a bit to offer in public natural areas, from wildlife preserves to state parks, but the privately owned Jungle Gardens on Avery Island is one of the best nature experiences in the region. You can’t go kayaking from its shore and it costs more than most other parks in the…


5 Dangerous Hiking Mistakes via Sierra Club

After this last summer hiking in the hot hot sun of southern Utah nearly every weekend, seeing in the paper articles of peoples dangerous hiking mistakes, it made us take our casual weekend hikes a lot more serious. I thought this article from Sierra Club was interesting in this regard. Although we learned a lot over the…

Hiking National Park

The Wave, Grand Staircase National Monument

The Wave is one of a few places in the area that you need a pass to visit. All 20 daily tickets are given away by lottery, 10 to people around the world for which there is hundreds entered every day and you have to wait months to even enter (when I looked the nearest lottery we…

Picnic area at campground on the way to Coral Pink Sand Dunes
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The Kanab & Coral Pink Sand Dunes Area Desert

Our first free day in Utah we headed straight for the nearest State Park, Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park, just north west of Kanab about 20 miles. As soon as we hit the desert we found it necessary to stop often, trying out sandy roads, exploring the desert and choosing a campground to have a picnic…