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Page, Arizona and Horseshoe Bend

When it came time to move out of the cabin, we had already started planning to get a U-Haul trailer. This proved a hard decision in itself due to both the potential for snow storms that time of year, ice that remained on the steep road to the cabin and the cost of the trailer considering we would need to rent it for at least 3 days (and the double axle one being preferable but costing even more). Overall, it just made more sense to drive a load of stuff 5 hours away to Page the weekend before taking the bikes and pets. It worked out however because Ash was still in town. They would get to see the Glen Canyon Dam, Horseshoe Bend, and State 48 Tavern before they returned to Portland.

We left early, making it into town with enough time to unload for a couple of hours, and still visit the dam museum. I finally bought a book on Dinosaurs, Dinosaur Odyssey, most places only have ones for children, but the gift shop here has about 10 for the adult armature paleontologist, aka nerds. It also has the best view of the dam, and dam tours happen every half hour. Ross and I visited last fall, spending a bit more time there. Every volunteer and employee of the museum was really helpful and interesting, engaging us for well over an hour with talk of geology and dam history (and Tuba City). This time, I hung low and just sneaked around the edges of the room after spending 20 minutes picking out a book.

We then drove down a dirt road south of the dam to a parking area where you could walk down and access the lake. It was the first real sandstone area Ash had seen so they hiked around and climbed all over everything. I love how easy it is to walk up steep faces with sandstone, when it would otherwise be impossible. Ross and I knew we’d be back a few days and sat and watched Ash’s head appear and disappear over hillsides and ridges.

We checked into a hotel with an excellent view of Glen Canyon and headed off to State 48 for some drinks and snacks. Ross had one beer like a responsible driver, however me and Ash got a little carried away with habanero peach moscow mules and shots of tequila, we both ended up drunk and likely being too loud on the porch of the hotel. I don’t usually drink much, maybe 2 fancy beers in one evening, but it was the last time we would really get to do something like that for a while, and Ash can be very convincing. 🙂 We felt it the next day, I spent half the night drinking water and staving off a hangover, and was ready for a hike to Horseshoe Bend by morning.

Stitched photos of the canyon, with an extra long Sherlock!


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