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10 Haunted Vacation Spots in the US

Going on vacation means visiting attractions, but if your point of interest is a haunted location, then you are in for an exciting treat or a spooky experience. Here are holiday spots that are haunted.


Ones we’ve visited:


Ones we’ve yet to visit:

Moundsville, West Virginia
empty-bucket-iconThe Moundsville Penitentiary is considered as one of the most violent correctional facilities. Many prisoners were hanged or electrocuted and others killed by fellow convicts. It closed in 1995, but the spirits of the dead haunt the place.

Portland, Oregon

check_mark_greenThe Shanghai Tunnels, from Old Town to the center of Portland, have a dark past. The trap doors above saloons were used to abduct men and threw them underground where they would remain imprisoned until they were shipped out to work aboard vessels for free. Today, the restless and tortured spirits still haunt the place.


Chicago, Illinois

empty-bucket-iconOld Town Tatu is a body artwork shop, but in the 1880s, this was the site of the first funeral parlor in Chicago. Both artists and visitors reported paranormal activity inside including ghosts and moving objects.

St. Louis, Missouri

empty-bucket-iconLemp Mansion is a popular inn and restaurant in St. Louis, but its past is quite murky with at least 4 deaths of family members recorded in the place. Visitors on tour of the mansion can experience strange activities and sightings in the place.

Wilder, Kentucky

empty-bucket-iconIt is the site of Bobby Mackey’s Music World which might be a fun place for many for its loud music and mechanical bull. But, there are many ghosts prowling in the basement including a 22-year old girl who died in a botched abortion and a heartbroken woman who committed suicide.

San Jose, California

check_mark_greenWinchester House is a tale of tragedies when its mistress, Sarah Winchester was so heart-broken with the early demise of her daughter and husband, she built this house with the help of a psychic and eerie spirits.


Some pics from my friend Lisa and my trip to Winchester Mansion in 2008

San Diego, California

empty-bucket-iconThomas Whaley did not know that he built his mansion, the Whaley House, on a cursed site, public gallows where criminals were executed. Whaley’s family history is marked by death and suicide. It seems that these restless spirits never left the area and his home.

West Milford, New Jersey

empty-bucket-iconBeware if you are driving along Clinton Road for you will never feel safe with the evil spirits lurking around. This road is haunted with reports of paranormal activity and phantom trucks appearing.

Estes Park, Colorado

empty-bucket-iconStanley Hotel is the inspiration of Stephen King’s ‘The Shining ‘although the movie was shot in an LA studio. King himself stayed here in room 417 where he allegedly saw and felt paranormal activity. The hotel is registered in the National Register of Historic Places.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

empty-bucket-iconThe Eastern State Penitentiary was meant to hold 250 people, but instead 1,700 prisoners were tortured, soaked in freezing water or held in solitary confinement. It was shut down in 1971, but the tormented ghosts took over.


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    That’s so cool. Thanks for the link! I love history. One of my favorite activities in our travels was going on a haunted history tour in New Orleans and learning about the city’s dark history. I’d love to visit more places!

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