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Little Boreal Owl friend #raptors #nerdsontheroad #notr #rarebirds #borealowl #wefindanimals #rescueoperation

Little Boreal Owl friend #raptors #nerdsontheroad #notr #rarebirds #borealowl #wefindanimals #rescueoperation

Walking Sherlock today down our usual road I saw a huge group of ravens, maybe 20 or so, crowded in the road around something dark. I thought, maybe it’s roadkill, although only about 3 cars a day go down this particular road, so I imagine it might be a lost kitten or puppy, a still alive rabbit..I have to check it out. All the ravens fly off except one who you can tell is trying to decide to grab what’s in the road or leave it, he finally leaves and I approach to find this little guy scared and pecked at, but very alive. I pick him up and bring him back to the cabin to see what shape he’s in and call a raptor center. They tell me he’s a Boreal Owl after I text over some photos, they’re sort of a “unicorn” of owls (very rare), and if his feathers look in place, he has no major cuts, and he’s flying, we should chance letting him go. So after a few photos, we let him fly and he went exactly where we was intending to, into the trees below the house. Hurrah!

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