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High Elevation Hiking in Colorado – McCullough Gulch

Breckenridge is a cool little town with all the amenities a couple of west-coastified vegantarians could want. Good food, several coffee shops with great coffee,  lots of awesome brew pubs and tons of outdoor activities year round. We may not ski or snowboard, yet, but the area has more to offer than just a world famous 13,000 foot…

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Hatching Cute

We left Miami on Sunday and on Saturday evening after returning from the Keys, I took Susa for a walk and poked around in the underbrush as I often do. While Susa sat on a rock and watched birds, I turned over rocks in hopes that I would see another creature like the rare yellow banded black…

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My toothbrush has a prepaid envelope

An inadvertent side effect of this trip has been transitioning all of our bathroom and cleaning items into cruelty free, natural products. For most things it was easy or we already used them before we left, like Green Works multi purpose cleaner and Seventh Generation dish soap, but there are definitely more things to think of than…