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Off Grid Power

I wasn’t sure what we were going to need to be able to power ourselves while totally off the grid.  I read as much as I could and I thought I knew what equipment we were going to need.  But when it came down to buying things, I found there were too many choices and too many gaps in my knowledge of what we needed – like, what gauge wire should I be using to run from the battery bank to the inverter?  No clue.  Apparently not having a clue about this stuff is common enough, because most of the online companies selling this equipment have helpful sales people who will work through what you need based on the amount of power you expect to be using per day.  I made a call to one of these companies and had a really nice woman ask me tons of questions about the equipment we were going to be powering and for how long each day, finally promising to send me a list of equipment that would match our requirements.  But this list never showed up.  Awesome.  So, I picked another company, and went through the process again.  This time, the guy emailed me the list of equipment he recommended before I was even off the phone.  And here it is.

  • Go Power 1000 Watt True Sine Wave Power Inverter
  • Remote switch for Inverter (to monitor battery levels inside the RV and to control the inverter)
  • Inverter Install Kit – battery shunt, cables etc
  • Battery Charger
  • 4 Stage Battery Charger Module
  • Auto Isolator (to charge house batteries from alternator)

All this stuff is awesome, but it’s not going to be here until Wednesday – delaying us yet further, especially as I need to at least partially install things before we leave as we don’t know where we will be stopping.

We will get out of town..eventually.

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