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Getting Ready for Spring – New Toys and Oil Changes

We both got new bike accessories for Christmas (from each other 0f course). I got new Flexx Bars from Fasst Conpany, because of my awful wrists and worse suspension. I got Ross a Wolfman Luggage bag for our longer trips and moto-camping.

It’s been a hard few months just seeing our bikes sitting in the garage, but at least they had one. We disconnected the batteries a few months ago, finally giving into the idea that we wouldn’t be riding them all winter, not even for a weekend away from the snow. Ross had to take his entire carb off to drain it, where my bike has a handy drainage hose and I can properly turn off my gas tank.

Last weekend it was in the 50s, and if you know high elevation in Colorado, that means it felt like about 75 in the sun. We took the opportunity to put our bikes back together and get them a little ready for spring. I installed my new handlebars and can’t wait to get out and use them! The road next to the cabin is still solid ice and I’d hate to start the year with another sprained ankle, so I’ll still have to wait to try them out. Ross painfully put his carb back on and both bikes started up like they never sat!

Mine was a little clunky from an overdue oil change and black spark plug (mostly due to the elevation and running rich), so while Ross was still putting his bike together I did an oil change and changed the plug (video is pre oil change and plug). Ross did an oil change as well but then unfortunately popped a tire just turning the bike around. We’re pretty sure there must still be some thorns in the tire from Alamogordo, despite trying to find them all before putting in the last tube.

The Flexx Bars are pretty cool looking! I can’t use the padding because of my instruments and Ram Mount phone/gps holder, but it doesn’t matter much. It’s mostly in the case that you think you may hit your head on the handlebars, unlikely. They come with several adjustment cushions for varying stiffness, so until i ride my bike a bit I won’t know which I want to use yet. Can’t wait!



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