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East Georgia Dirt Farms Down Sandy Roads

It took us a while to find a dirt road around here in East Georgia but when we did, we found a great one. Starting with a muddy construction site, the road soon turned to semi loose sand and we rode for miles exploring at will till heading home just before dark.

Aside from a short ride down a packed sand road outside Destin, it was our first good sandy road. Our wheels felt slippery and out of control at times, only remedied by more speed.*

Sadly we wont have time to ride again before we’re off to Raleigh Wizard Con, then Alabama, but we had to share. It was a great boost of confidence in our ever improving riding abilities.

We’re hoping to hit some actual trails in Alabama outside Oxford. Hopefully more photos soon!

*For those interested the road was called Pine Barren Road and is west of Savannah about 15 miles off Fort Argyle Road.

Sandy Road
Sandy Pine Barren Road
Stopping to check out a farm
Stopping to check out a farm
A real East Georgia dirt farm
A Real East Georgia Dirt Farm
Huge pinecones!
Huge pinecones!

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