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rosshat_flickryI’m Ross, I’m 30 35 and  I’m preparing to leave my life in Portland behind.  I’ve been too comfortable letting life slide by, sitting in my comfortable apartment, working in my cubicle and following a fairly monotonous pattern. I have been on the road for 5 years now!

I left the UK in 2003 after graduating from college majoring in Computer Science and Electronic Engineering.  I moved to Portland but found it hard as hell to get any work as a software developer.  Instead I worked as a sound engineer for 6 months while I looked for software job.  After that I’ve worked for a couple startups, and thanks to an awesome boss and CEO at my current company, I will be continuing to work for them as I travel.

I don’t own much of anything, so coming along with me will be my clothes, my laptop, phone, guitar and bike.  I just recently started learning to play the guitar, and plan on spending a lot of time improving.  And my bike is important – it’s a road bike and I like to ride every day.  Hoping to find some great rides around the country.

Together, Kat and I will be the perfect fit for the disaster-filled adventure we are going on.  Our skills and attitudes complement each other and together we’ll make this work, survive the disasters and have an amazing time.

What kind of nerd am I?

I guess I’m both a personal and professional nerd.  Like Amber, I love the original star trek, and most of next gen, except for the sappy emotional episodes.  I prefer hearing about low level neucleonic beams, unusual particle streams and the borg.  I also enjoy sci-fi novels and movies especially those like Serenity.  I enjoyed physics and math throughout school and am now completely entertained by my new multimeter and the process of fixing the messed up wiring in our RV.

Professionally I’ve been programming since I was 14, and now work as a software developer.  I guess I would call myself a generalist and develop software primarily for windows and the web using a variety of technologies.  I have years of experience developing .NET framework desktop and web applications using C#, significant experience developing data solutions for SQL Server, and recently bringing solid software development skills to a team of ActionScript developers.  ActionScript still drives me nuts, but I’m learning to deal with it.

I currently work for the well known, www.Cheezburger.com

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