About Kat

dinnerI’m a photographer, web designer, graphic designer, beer lover, crafter and blogger who hasn’t stopped traveling much since 2005. I run Lostlogo Design which I founded in 2006, offering web design and graphic design services.

What kind of nerd am I?

Well this is relative to what you consider a nerd. I do the web design thing, but I am not a programmer. I am more visual and can only handle looking at code for so long. I need a visual reward from my efforts. I love photography and would eventually like to make it my main income. I have shows here and there and sell some prints on Etsy.com. I’m a film minor so I love movies and quality sci-fi shows like Star Trek, Battlestar Galactica, Lexx, Sherlock, and a list of films that won’t fit on this page. I read graphic novels and play lots of video games.

The Gist

We bought this 1973 Dodge Brougham RV in late May of 2009 for $900. I had recently lived and worked in Argentina for a year, doing freelance web design and photography, and since business had progressively improved and I was mostly finished with school, I saw no reason not to travel full time. I didn’t like living in Portland Oregon anymore, due to its insistence on being the wettest, most overcast place on the planet, so after many renovations, crafty and costly, and many more improvements to come, we began our journey late August of ’09.

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