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Who is Chena?
Im Chena, a rescued pitbull mix born roughly in 1998. Katya picked me up from almost certain doom in 1998 at a Spokane Washington shelter, Spokanimal, and she has been a  solid and consistently dependable friend ever since. Anyone who has ever met me loves me, not to brag but it’s true. I’m super mellow, love mah bone, I like kittys but I don’t usually let humans see us snuggling. I’m about the most intelligent dog you’ll ever meet and I dont mean “oh hey look at that dog and all its idiotic tricks!”. I mean- “holy crap that dog knows left from right and understand everything I say”, so dont even try to have secrets from me. I like when Katya sings me songs with the lyrics changed to words I like and my name – and I like stealing your seat.

In  2006 I was diagnosed with diabetes, and being an older dog, Im happy to spend my last few years traveling around the country. I’ve already been drug across the world but I’m over the whole flying thing for a while and it’s time to seek out local adventures for a while!

I have traveled to:
New Mexico
and adding-

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