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Wales: Chepstow, Caerphilly and Aberystwyth Castles

After we left Caerleon we backtracked west a bit to see Chepstow Castle. The hotel manager at The Roman Lodge in Caerleon had given us a list of his favorite Welsh castle’s and Chepstow was a “must see” in his opinion. Since there are over 400 castles in Wales (seriously),…

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Wales: Caerleon on the River Usk

We arrived in Wales after our long night of sleeping in the car and were just looking forward to sleep by the time we got to Caerleon (on the River Usk), but when we drove through the village and saw how old and awesome it was, and read signs pointing…

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Different Types of Airport Parking

We parked our truck at a lot near Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport for 2 months when we were in the UK. The neighbourhood was not the best, the parking lot was uncovered and our battery was dead when we finally got back to it in early June. The truck had…

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Leaving the UK and a Long Arizona Weekend

It’s nearly midnight here, and the tomorrow we’ll be leaving theΒ UK. We’ll be off to the airport early and arriving in Phoenix at 5pm tomorrow in 111 degree weather; then off to pick up the truck and head to our shady Motel 6 for the night to awake early, drive…

Cobblestone in Rye
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A Rainy Afternoon in Rye and Camber Sands

On an overcast Sunday afternoon we headed out to a part of Southeast England we hadn’t explored yet, Rye and Camber Sands in East Sussex county. We thought the day would be rainy but decent enough so we brought our rain coats just in case. For the most part the…