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Why Traveling Solo May Be The Best Decision A Woman Could Make

A recent study by the guided-vacations company Trafalgar questioned more than 1,000 U.S. women to discover their views on traveling. The survey found that 86% of women are not afraid of traveling regardless of current events in the world, 73% of women believe that travel has made them stronger, and 69% of women find inspiration through travel. In contrast to previous decades, women are becoming increasingly empowered to travel, and they are increasingly able to do so thanks to shifting global work landscapes that allow them to work remotely. While some may argue that it is best for women to travel in groups, in most cases, the benefits of solo travel outweigh its potential risks.

Face Your Fears

We live in a world where we are told travel horror stories by online media sites, which often portray traveling alone as an extremely dangerous enterprise, especially for women. However, as many experienced solo female travelers can attest, travel usually consists of more positive moments than negative, and many parts of the world are safer than they are portrayed. In fact, one of the strongest reasons why women should book a solo trip is to face what society has made women afraid of.

Some of the most common fears of solo female travelers include safety concerns, losing important documents, loneliness, and getting sick. The chances of these fears manifesting themselves are slim, and if you do find yourself in an uncomfortable situation, coming prepared and keeping an open mind can mitigate most issues. More importantly, the process of resolving problems and overcoming your fears alone will build your confidence like nothing else.

Prepare Yourself For Leadership Roles

Traveling solo comes with both personal and career benefits, as it builds the independence, resourcefulness, and resilience that employers look for in job candidates. If you’re traveling in between jobs and worried about financing your trip, know that there are a plethora of money-saving travel hacks. For example, you could travel in the off-season, take advantage of free museums, and buy a local SIM card if you’re abroad. If you’re planning to travel by yourself on the open road, it’s always smart to check vehicle maintenance, pack healthy snacks, and use GPS to plan a route.

Preparing ahead of time and resolving small issues that may arise during a solo trip build the confidence and leadership skills necessary in careers and in life. So what’s holding you back? Solo female travel just keeps getting more popular. Tap into your adventurous side and join the millions of women who are taking the plunge, building valuable skills, and having the time of their lives traveling alone.


Photo by Ali Yahya on Unsplash

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