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Missoula Montana – Our first taste of Summer

When we first arrived in Missoula, driving through it from the east side of town, we were impressed. The entire drive on the 90 had been beautiful. Ranches with horses, old abandoned railroad tracks and bridges, and some geological phenomenons good enough to be in Yellowstone. The town itself we…


Quad State Weekend Jump to West Yellowstone

Friday On our last day in Breckenridge, we went to The Crown cafe to work and see our one friend in town (who we met last week). It was raining when we left the trailer and during the time we were in the cafe it had started to snow pretty…


On the Road Anxiety

We are in our last week at at the cabin and all I can think about is getting back into the trailer and on the road. I love the cabin, Breckenridge and every part of Colorado we’ve seen, but there is always something about traveling that I can’t resist. I…


Colorado Dreaming – Video of our time in Colorado, 2011-2012

Our stay in Colorado, still in progress but ending in early May. We stopped here on our way to Wyoming and fell in love with the area. We’ve had an awesome winter of fun and snow, skiing and hiking and looking at the awe inspiring views in every direction.
We decided randomly, in the last couple months sometime, that we wanted to try the snowy cabin thing again. We decided, or I suggested, Wyoming, since we spent plenty of time in the South/Appalachians/Smokys in the last year already and were itching to get out of the midwest, east and…

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Last goal for Florida, the Keys

We have been in Florida since September after almost not coming here at all. We were thinking of jumping straight to the Smokey Mountains after Savannah, but since the Everglades and Florida Keys were a major goal of mine on this “trip”, we decided to take on theΒ potentiallyΒ ‘full to the…

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Florida: Week 5

Florida has been pretty beautiful and warm since we got here (as if that’s anything unexpected) and we are now at our 3rd Florida state park. We arrived at Collier Seminole State Park Monday morning, the largest park so far, and part of the Cypress National Forest. The first 2…