Navajo Nation Arizona
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Driving to Utah and Fixing Electrical Woes

FRIDAY: Our flight was relatively easy going and we didn’t spend nearly as much time as our last flight sitting around the airport. We both got frisked and my bag got searched “randomly” but overall nothing exciting. The flight was 10 hours and…


Visiting Lake Garda: Excursions, Whatever your Interests

When you say the words ‘Lake Garda’, it instills all manner of connotations in those who have visited the area. The relaxing, tranquil inlets to the windsurfing haven in the north of the lake, Lake Garda is a versatile Italian resort that offers holidays for…

Waiting for the bus
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5 Ways to Stay Safer When You Travel

Everybody wants to give travelers their safety tips and as annoying as they may seem, the tips are well-meaning. Some safety tips seem like common sense, though you can never be too sure about how that common sense is going to translate…

Molas Pass Colorado

Christmas in Durango Colorado via Northern Arizona

We chose Durango because it's one of the larger towns in the area and close enough to the famous ski resort town Telluride where we might get a chance to ski.
Missoula is a small Montana city, but in its way, very much a modern city.  I didn’t expect to see much of the modern world this summer. I lived in Montana from age 10 to almost 16 and remember the places I lived being…