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Nerdy Travel Apps to Organize Better Trips

For full time travelers, smartphones have become an essential part of booking trips. In fact, 85% of people book travel activities via a mobile device. Once in a new destination, there are apps for every task, from converting currency to translating signs. The role of technology has made global travel not just a possibility for nerds, but also something fun and exciting. There’s no need to visit a travel agent and thumb through brochures. You can book transport and accommodation on the go, while also using technology to work on the road and fund a never ending trip. Here are just some of the latest apps making travel easy, cheap and exciting.

Hack Flight Prices with Hopper

Flight prices can be confusing. One day a flight from London to Paris might be $5, the next it jumps to $500. There seems to be almost no logic to the rapid fluctuations in price. A metadata analysis found that in 2016, the best time to buy was 54 days in advance, while in 2017 it was 70; and we’re only talking in averages. If you want to guarantee you book at the right time, download. It will predict future flight prices, telling you whether to buy now or wait. It will then send a notification to your tablet or smartphone when flight prices are at their cheapest, allowing you to secure the best deal every time.

Navigate Efficiently with Citymapper

When a nerd arrives in a new town, they want to be able to see all the sights in the most efficient way possible. This is where an app like Citymapper can help. As the name implies, this maps the city in detail, so that it can instantly plot the quickest route between two or more point. Beyond this, it will present you with the different transport options including ride shares and public transport. You can download timetables and get notified when you reach your stop, meaning you may never become lost in a new place again.

Speed Through Airports with Mobile Passport

Mobile Passport is an app which stores your passport details and can be used at 24 US airports. Simply scan your passport with your phone’s camera to save the details. You will then be able to skip the lines of people with their old fashioned, paper passports and join the fasttrack line of nerds.
Travel and technology were made for each other. Nerds with the right software can ensure they always get the best deals, navigate strange lands efficiently and skip the lines at airports. This makes travel cheap, convenient and simple, so that you can travel further, for longer.

Featured image by Martha Dominguez de Gouveia on Unsplash

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