Hooking up for the first time at Century RV in Longmont Colorado

The Trip

The Trip continues! Nerds on the road has been on the road for nearly 5 years now and there’s still no plans to stop traveling (May 2014). We have added another cat and dog to the mix and upgraded our setup to a 2013 Torque Toy Hauler by Heartland. After spending a few winters in cabins in the Rocky Mountains and summers in the surrounding areas, we’re finally back in the south and hope to explore New England sometime in the near future!

Hooking up for the first time at Century RV in Longmont Colorado
Hooking up for the first time at Century RV in Longmont Colorado


Nerds on the Road is an ongoing road trip across the country while we work at our computers weekdays (and hopefully never weekends) in state parks and RV parks around the US. Everything we’ve stated below in the original “Mission Statement” has pretty much been accomplished. It is now spring 2011, a year and a half from when we started, and we are in the middle of debating the New York thing. Montana is a must because I grew up there (Katya) and really want to see it again, and I want Ross to see it. We still have no real plans or goals but have really adapted to living on the road and don’t miss the settled life much at all. Thanks for checking out the site!


Nerds on the Road has no set destination and no exact time period for traveling in mind. There is no theme except the inevitable theme of nerdism because we are nerds and it can’t be avoided. The “plan” is to go south for the winter, stopping in the LA area for a while, moving on to Salton Sea till we’re bored of that – then east to Arizona, visit family in New Mexico, see Texas, hang out in Louisiana – see New Orleans and at least one alligator etc etc. By next spring I want to head towards Montana – after seeing New York of course. We leave early October (after Ross sells his car – not an easy thing to do but WILL be done) to get out of town before the rain and hellish cold sets in. Blogs will include: RV repairs and additions Web design tips Software developer tips Cooking and crafts Photography Travel stories, photos and info and maybe even just rants.

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