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Vegetarian Suet For Wintering Birds

Since we’re in a cabin again this winter, mostly taking care of some dental work and getting to know my (Amber) extensive family in the area, we’ve again been spoiled by the full size stove, and an oven that doesn’t burn everything. I love feeding the birds and squirrels in winter and here in NE Washington it’s…

Hiking National Park

TBT: Angel’s Landing Trail, Zion National Park

Throwback Thursday needs a purpose around here, and I have a LOT of unfinished blogs waiting to be written. For this segment, we’ll go back to an awesome hike in Zion National Park in 2013. Nothing ever seems that long ago, maybe because we attempted the hike again last summer but found the trail closed! It was…

RV life

Slacker Festival

Working at the picnic table, Catalina State Park We’ve been bad about blogging basically ever since we left. The only good reason is that we are both disturbingly behind on work and school – feeling no real chance of catching up. We still have no working water pump, we still have no off grid electricity and we’re…