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TBT: Angel’s Landing Trail, Zion National Park

Throwback Thursday needs a purpose around here, and I have a LOT of unfinished blogs waiting to be written. For this segment, we’ll go back to an awesome hike in Zion National Park in 2013. Nothing ever seems that long ago, maybe because we attempted the hike again last summer but found the trail closed! It was…

National Park

Four Corners and Monument Valley Road Trip

Showing visitors amazing places, or discovering them together, is one of my favorite things about travel, and we don’t get visitors often. One Saturday in February, Ash and I left Ross alone at the cabin and took off with Sherlock to see the Four Corners National Monument and Monument Valley National Park. We left ultra early in the morning…

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House Rock Road, Utah – March 2016

We spent the week with a poor, sick, cat, and we were sure that our weekend would be spent hanging out with her. We stayed home Saturday, gave her medicine, got yelled at a lot, and by Sunday she was feeling a little bit better so we took the opportunity to drive out to Escalante Grand Staircase…

Hiking National Park

The Wave, Grand Staircase National Monument

The Wave is one of a few places in the area that you need a pass to visit. All 20 daily tickets are given away by lottery, 10 to people around the world for which there is hundreds entered every day and you have to wait months to even enter (when I looked the nearest lottery we…

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Fourth of July 2013 in Kanab Utah

We found a flyer somewhere recently about the Fourth of July activities in Kanab Utah and decided, since we usually miss out on or don’t go to things like that in towns we visit, that we would instead participate. Luckily the parade wasn’t too early in the morning (or too late with how hot it gets). It…

Picnic area at campground on the way to Coral Pink Sand Dunes
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The Kanab & Coral Pink Sand Dunes Area Desert

Our first free day in Utah we headed straight for the nearest State Park, Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park, just north west of Kanab about 20 miles. As soon as we hit the desert we found it necessary to stop often, trying out sandy roads, exploring the desert and choosing a campground to have a picnic…