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Meet Our New Travel Mascot: Hiccup

First, the bad news. Our beloved mouse Trevor, who we found under our trailer at the wee age of 2 weeks old, passed away late last month at the very ripe old age of 3.5 years. The oldest mouse on record lived to just over 4 years old (under medical supervision), and the average lifespan for a mouse is about…

Ditton Cat crossing a parking lot
United Kingdom

British Cats and Status of the Kids

I had to post a few British cats I’ve taken photos of so far. There will likely be more to come but these ones couldn’t wait. Cats here seem really smart, friendly and/or wary, depending on where they live, but city cats always seem more street smart to me than cats that don’t know the dangers of…

Trevor the mouse
RV life

Trailer Mouse: A House is a House

About a month or two ago we heard some nibbling under the stove area. We had said on facebook that we thought it was a mouse, then decided it must have been a carpenter bee and didn’t think much more about it. Months go by and… it was a mouse. Hearing the chewing again in the stove,…