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Arizona dualsport Tent Camping

Kaibab National Forest Ride – March 2016

So last weekend we went camping in Kaibab National Forest. As usual, we’re not very good at planning despite traveling full time, so we get about an hour into the drive towards the North Rim of the Grand Canyon to find out that Hwy 67 is closed for the season (still). That’s the highway that goes to…

Main Hall on the Lake

Overland Expo East: Finding our niche in the travel world

We’ve been trying to find our place in the RV world for years now and just haven’t found our niche. We’re not retired, not work-campers, not exactly ‘free spirits’, we don’t plan much, and we don’t seem to go to the kinds of places other full time RVers go or want to read about. We occasionally tent camp,…

The bike (yet to be named) at the top of a nearby road

Getting the Bike Back on the Road for Spring

I have luckily had a pretty slow week, my favorite kind, and the weather is much warmer than it has been, even with the wind (which on sunny days is still usually too brisk for working outside very long in). Yesterday I decided to work on my bike (a 1981 Honda cm200t), removing its winter protection and…