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Southern Idaho Road Trip: The Southernest

Southern Idaho surprised us quite a lot. We found lizards at Balanced Rock, cacti near the Utah border, saw a Cow Killer (rare variety of wasp), a variety of Paintbrush flowers, and experienced a real ‘old west’ feel overall. The towns on our way to City of Rocks were quaint and historic, and the scenery around them…


Quad State Weekend Jump to West Yellowstone

Friday On our last day in Breckenridge, we went to The Crown cafe to work and see our one friend in town (who we met last week). It was raining when we left the trailer and during the time we were in the cafe it had started to snow pretty heavy,  then it would stop snowing and…


Colorado Dreaming – Video of our time in Colorado, 2011-2012

Our stay in Colorado, still in progress but ending in early May. We stopped here on our way to Wyoming and fell in love with the area. We’ve had an awesome winter of fun and snow, skiing and hiking and looking at the awe inspiring views in every direction.