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Missoula Montana – Our first taste of Summer

When we first arrived in Missoula, driving through it from the east side of town, we were impressed. The entire drive on the 90 had been beautiful. Ranches with horses, old abandoned railroad tracks and bridges, and some geological phenomenons good enough to be in Yellowstone. The town itself we could see was tree filled and riddled…

Grizzly at the West Yellowstone Discovery Center
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West Yellowstone Discovery Center

Our first day of our 4 day weekend we were still without truck and the weather had turned to wet snow. All our winter things had been packed in the back of the trailer in an awkward compartment under a heavy mattress and huge pile of extra pillows and back rests we’ve bought over the years in…


Quad State Weekend Jump to West Yellowstone

Friday On our last day in Breckenridge, we went to The Crown cafe to work and see our one friend in town (who we met last week). It was raining when we left the trailer and during the time we were in the cafe it had started to snow pretty heavy,  then it would stop snowing and…