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Leaving the UK and a Long Arizona Weekend

It’s nearly midnight here, and the tomorrow we’ll be leaving theΒ UK. We’ll be off to the airport early and arriving in Phoenix at 5pm tomorrow in 111 degree weather; then off to pick up the truck and head to our shady Motel 6 for the night to awake early, drive…

Scruffy Old Bugsy, Our Local Cat
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More British Cats, From Sussex to Bath and Beyond

Since we’ve been here, we’ve been on the lookout for cats, for no other reason than because we love cats. We get to see Bugsy (the scruffy old white fellow a few pics down) on a daily basis and the occasional visitor, Tsotsi, but when we go traveling around the…

Cobblestone in Rye
United Kingdom

A Rainy Afternoon in Rye and Camber Sands

On an overcast Sunday afternoon we headed out to a part of Southeast England we hadn’t explored yet, Rye and Camber Sands in East Sussex county. We thought the day would be rainy but decent enough so we brought our rain coats just in case. For the most part the…

United Kingdom

First Day of Vacation: Brighton!

Brighton had been part of a plan a couple weekends prior to our vacation but due to traffic being horrible, we turned around and went to Rochester that day instead (another past-due blog). however, Brighton proved to be an excellent start to our 9 days off; not only was is the perfect…

Ditton Cat crossing a parking lot
United Kingdom

British Cats and Status of the Kids

I had to post a few British cats I’ve taken photos of so far. There will likely be more to come but these ones couldn’t wait. Cats here seem really smart, friendly and/or wary, depending on where they live, but city cats always seem more street smart to me than…