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Nerdy History Vacations – 5 of the Best!

If you’re a history fiend then taking a vacation that combines your love of anything to do with the past with sightseeing has got to be the ultimate, right? Well read on, because we’ve put together five of the best destinations to head to if that’s what you’re after – so whether it’s paying a visit to…

RV Parks

Eagle’s Landing RV Park, Holt Florida

We arrived in Crestview, more specifically, Holt, 10 miles west, to stay at Eagle's Landing RV Park. For the first night we actually stayed at River's Edge RV Park, a huge tree filled fisherman's paradise park at the bottom of "the biggest hill in Florida" as one man called it, but we had almost no cell phone…

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Last goal for Florida, the Keys

We have been in Florida since September after almost not coming here at all. We were thinking of jumping straight to the Smokey Mountains after Savannah, but since the Everglades and Florida Keys were a major goal of mine on this “trip”, we decided to take on the potentially ‘full to the brim with retirees’ state. After spending this…

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Hatching Cute

We left Miami on Sunday and on Saturday evening after returning from the Keys, I took Susa for a walk and poked around in the underbrush as I often do. While Susa sat on a rock and watched birds, I turned over rocks in hopes that I would see another creature like the rare yellow banded black…

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Shark Valley Florida

After the Everglades we moved into a park in Miami. We really didn’t think we would find anything, especially anything reasonable, but Larry and Penny Thompson County Park had spots for as long as a month and cheaper than most places we stay where we pay weekly. We got lucky and showed up when it was fairly…

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Halloween 2010

Florida is very Halloween-worthy