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Ditton Cat crossing a parking lot
United Kingdom

British Cats and Status of the Kids

I had to post a few British cats I’ve taken photos of so far. There will likely be more to come but these ones couldn’t wait. Cats here seem really smart, friendly and/or wary, depending on where they live, but city cats always seem more street smart to me than cats that don’t know the dangers of…

Susa in the Leaves
pets and travel

Susa the leash trained cat

Aside from the rainy days, Susa likes to spend at least half her day tied outside the trailer. We started leash training her as soon almost as we adopted her. The thought of some poor cat locked up in the trailer all day every day without even a chance of eating fresh grass or chasing a butterfly…

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Rain on my Windscreen

...I've know for a long time that I wanted to be more proactive in determining the direction my life took, seeing a little further ahead and not missing turns...