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Calaveras Big Trees State Park, California

Due to many things out of our control, we were forced to skip Sequoia National Park. Many of the RV parks had reviews that included warnings about length, due to trees or roads, others were just full and could only give us a few days. We thought about rushing to…


5 Dangerous Hiking Mistakes via Sierra Club

After this last summer hiking in the hot hot sun of southern Utah nearly every weekend, seeing in the paper articles of peoples dangerous hiking mistakes, it made us take our casual weekend hikes a lot more serious. I thought this article from Sierra Club was interesting in this regard.…


Going in Circles

So its as hard as you would imagine to live on the road while avoiding expensive RV parks. We had to leave Slab City due to cell reception = ability to work. It was a sad decision. Slab city could have been our new home for a couple weeks. We…

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Truckers are Awesome

We drove all the way to a truck-stop in Coachella from North Shore for a shower and some ice to find out that showers are $10 a person! Not willing to pay that we were walking out of the place talking about other ways to take showers later, having to…

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North Shore, CA Boondocking

We left the Slabs in search of better internet speeds for work and just up the road we found a place to park and work at North Shore. We ended up staying the night and plan to return after some errands in La Quinta. It was a fairly perfect spot…