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Page, Arizona and Horseshoe Bend

When it came time to move out of the cabin, we had already started planning to get a U-Haul trailer. This proved a hard decision in itself due to both the potential for snow storms that time of year, ice that remained on the steep road to the cabin and the cost of the trailer considering we…

RV Parks

Page Lake Powell Campground

In preparation of leaving the cabin, we took a little weekend trip to Page with some of our smaller stuff. For the final trip, the truck was reserved for pets and motorcycles. We had considered the option of getting a Uhaul trailer so we could take everything at once, but between the rogue Colorado weather, still icy hill…

Arizona dualsport Tent Camping

Kaibab National Forest Ride – March 2016

So last weekend we went camping in Kaibab National Forest. As usual, we’re not very good at planning despite traveling full time, so we get about an hour into the drive towards the North Rim of the Grand Canyon to find out that Hwy 67 is closed for the season (still). That’s the highway that goes to…

United Kingdom

Leaving the UK and a Long Arizona Weekend

It’s nearly midnight here, and the tomorrow we’ll be leaving the UK. We’ll be off to the airport early and arriving in Phoenix at 5pm tomorrow in 111 degree weather; then off to pick up the truck and head to our shady Motel 6 for the night to awake early, drive to Flagstaff and pick up Susa and…

Ghost Towns

Two Guns Arizona – A Favorite Ghost Town, Then and Now

So, in 2008, when we still lived in Portland, Ross, my friend Lisa and I went on a road trip around Arizona to a collection of Ghost Towns I researched and wanted to visit (ghost town list). We found almost all of them, making a circle around the entire state in about 6 days. Lisa and I…

Downtown Williams, AZ in the Snow
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Williams, Arizona – A Route 66 Town in a Snow Storm

Since this weekend was part of the 75th anniversary of Arizona Ski Bowl, we knew that the ski runs would be packed – and between the Dew Downtown Flagstaff event and the new 12+ inches of continuous snow this weekend, they might be practically inaccessible. Skiing on a packed run can be treacherous (it’s how I hurt…

Dew Downtown Flagstaff
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Dew Downtown Flagstaff

Saturday we decided to go downtown and check out Dew Downtown Flagstaff, a yearly event with lots of vendors, music and kids activities. The highlight of the event being a closed off street piled high with snow, featuring a challenging obstacle course for both snowboarders and skiers, where “daredevils of all ages grind, jump and shred over…