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The Redwoods – From Humboldt to Klamath

In June, our California friend, Lisa, came to visit again (what a sport!), but this time she flew into SFO so she too could see the redwood forests. It was to be a short trip, only four days, half of which would be driving, but we would make the best of it. I…

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Calaveras Big Trees State Park, California

Due to many things out of our control, we were forced to skip Sequoia National Park. Many of the RV parks had reviews that included warnings about length, due to trees or roads, others were just full and could only give us a few days. We thought about rushing to…

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Little Grand Canyon, Illinois

We had a late morning, as we often do, on this, the Sunday before Labor Day. We spent some time in the trailer slowly gaining momentum to meander to the truck and venture off to one of the many state parks and geological awesomenessities that southern Illinois has to offer.…

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Last goal for Florida, the Keys

We have been in Florida since September after almost not coming here at all. We were thinking of jumping straight to the Smokey Mountains after Savannah, but since the Everglades and Florida Keys were a major goal of mine on this “trip”, we decided to take on the potentially ‘full to the…

Friendly deer at Cheaha State Park
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Weekend at Cheaha State Park

We had seen several interesting parks on the map of Alabama but Cheaha State Park seemed like one of the best since it was deep inside Talladega National Forest – and the only place to camp inside the forest. We were excited to arrive, managing to show up at a…

Oak Mountain Park Trail to Peavine Falls
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Oak Mountain State Park, Alabama

We pulled into Oak Mountain State Park late last Saturday, an hour after they closed but we were still able to check in for one night with the guard at the front gate. From the map we decided to go to the least crowded area of the campground and make…