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Winter Preparations: Caulking Every Nook and Cranny #notr #winterizing

So today we got a little work done in preparation for the move to the winter cabin, but tomorrow will be the really busy day.

Kat packed up the remaining stuff that didn’t end up in storage in Durango or the cabin garage (how do we have so much stuff?!), while Ross tediously caulked the outside, is hopes of avoiding any leaks over the winter.

We had spent Sunday driving 3 hours away to Flagstaff in search of the right, and most highly reputable, RV caulk ProFlex. We called Camping World on Saturday to see if they had it in stock. The girl on the phone was sure they had it. She sounded too sure, too fast, and rather young, but even after being asked if she was really sure because we were driving a long way to get that specific caulk, it was not true. We arrive in the afternoon, walk to the caulk aisle, staring as hard as we could, hoping to see the caulk but it wasn’t there. They didn’t have it…a waste of a drive and we had to settle on another brand.

We stoped for lunch and got back on the road home, defeated.

Irony…When it came time to do the caulking, Ross found that we did have one bottle of the caulk we wanted. It was clear rather than white, but better than the off brand. It might sound like an odd thing to be picky about, but when your house is one that can too easily leak and be ruined forever (or insane repair costs), quality matters, and we’re tired of worrying about damage every time a storm comes through. After tomorrow we hope to leave the 5th wheel worry free at the storage facility. That is, after a few more hours of packing and preparation.

Insulating windows and winterizing the pipes is yet to come!




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