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Winter Preparations: Antifreeze, Insulation and Some Major Chaos #notr #winterizing #whyarewestillhere

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We started our winter preparations this morning around 8, after of course going to be around 1am.
We finished packing, and Kat sleepily defrosts the freezer while Ross disconnects the hookups and prepares the 5th wheel for its dose of antifreeze (to keep the pipes from freezing and bursting).  Once all taps were running pink water, and the bikes were perilously loaded up our steep ramp , we head off to the storage facility. We stop on the way to put air in the tires and fill up on propane (so moisture doesn’t collect inside the tanks). It’s rare to find a place where we can get air for the trailer, let alone propane at the same time, plus we needed caffeine if we were going to make it through the day.

We arrive without incident, aside from some Susa vomit, and get to work on loading up the truck and setting up the trailer for its winter alone. Somehow we manage to turn the bikes around in the garage so we can load them directly into the back of the truck (lazy ingenuity). But not til after Ross tediously drug the 80lb hitch across the ramp and into the trailer, something that always seems will cause permanent damage to his back.


With no real interest, but definite necessity, Ross caulks the front the trailer some more and Kat double checkes our haul for missing items. We make sure to clean up any crumbs to avoid roaches and mice living in there in our absence, dou4bke check the wheel chocks, stap on the wheel covers, spray everything in roach spray, and insulated the windows to avoid sun damage. After everything seems done, we then spend even more time chaotically toting heavy bags of clothes, blankets and dry goods around in disaray, eventually managing to find space for everything. By the time we look at a clock its 2pm and we’ve neither eaten or drank much of anything.

The pets wait patiently in the truck, disgruntled but behaving well. They’re mostly use to the traveling part, but there not so great at sitting around doing nothing.


Now, the back of the truck is overloaded and since most of our stuff is in plastic bags, we look like hobos, but at least we’re on the road. Next time, we’ll rent a trailer for sure.



We stored the trailer in Page, AZ rather than Durango so it wasn’t left sitting covered in snow all winter, or worse, having water get inside. So far it’s been so much more work than expected to make this plan work, and we still have three more days of hotel and dealing with our mass of things necessary for 5 months in a cabin.

We just have to keep telling ourselves it’ll be over soon and we won’t regret it and plan better next time. At least we feel like the trailer is secure and safe from weather!

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