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Six Years On The Road!

We officially started traveling with no home base 6 years ago today. We left Portland, Oregon in a 22ft 1973 Class C RV (that’s an RV with a van front and) called the Brougham. It had bald tires, a bad alternator, bad differential, and a leaky roof, but it got us all the way to New Orleans before we traded it off for a guitar and a motorcycle. Not a bad trade really.  Since then we’ve upgraded twice to a 32ft bumper pull and our current 39ft 5th wheel toy hauler. We’ve also upgraded from the bike we got for the Brougham, a 1980 Honda Twinstar, to a 1979 Yamaha Enduro and now we’re both riding 2000 something dualsports (street legal dirt bikes basically) on a regular basis. Many changes, all good, we never thought we’d make it to six years on the road, and we see no end in sight!

We celebrated today with a good ride after work on a nearby forest road, eating some chocolate, and getting home just before dark. Now, pizza and a movie! Here’s to another six years on the road!

Fancy chocolate from Animas Chocolate Co.
Fancy chocolate from the new landlord.
Giant horses of Drafty Proportions
Giant horses of Drafty Proportions
six years on the road

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