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Stray Boots Walking Tours, Save some dough while on the road!

Since launching its first interactive cell phone guided tour with “New York: The Game” in 2009, Stray Boots has been redefining the walking tour. Now available in 10 US cities, “The Game” series of tours continues to transform the way people explore Americans cities. Part scavenger hunt and part walking…

Trevor the mouse
RV life

Trailer Mouse: A House is a House

About a month or two ago we heard some nibbling under the stove area. We had said on facebook that we thought it was a mouse, then decided it must have been a carpenter bee and didn’t think much more about it. Months go by and… it was a mouse.…

Hiking National Forest RV life

Hike to the elusive Peavine Falls

During the last few days in Oak Mountain State Park, we wanted to hike at least one more of the many trails throughout the park. Of all the trails, mostly named by colors, Peavine falls seemed like the thing to see before we left. We both took an extended lunch…

Mechanical projects RV life

Goodbye 1973 Dodge Brougham

So we sold the Brougham, well rather traded. It was a sad day but much less so knowing it was going to a good home. Many people looked at it, a couple older men who wanted to live in it in their yards while they worked on their houses, a…

RV life

Last Days in New Orleans

Planning to leave New Orleans is just like moving all over again. We don’t know anyone and we have a bunch of crap to get rid of before we can go. Well most of it is crap except of course the Brougham, our home and/or project for the last 11…

RV life

Finally leaving NOLA?

Soon indeed! I cant believe we’ve been here SOO long. We’re basically partial year residents at this point. I had to look at past blogs to see when we arrived and it was EARLY MARCH?! And we’ve been in Louisiana since early February! So much for on the road huh?…

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Overdue to the blog: Tour of the Trailer

I took this and uploaded this to youtube right away but apparently never posted it to the blog. its been banned in some places because I dont have rights to use the song.. so.. let me know if it doesnt work.