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Nerd on the road begins!

So, This is the first post on the site but not the first day of the project. I have lots of postings and updates to do on all the renovations we are making to the 73 Brougham but I haven’t had the time – because im so far behind and started before I even bought this domain. Today me and my mom are making curtains for it while Ross reads wiring diagrams and troubleshoots every little bug in the system. He installed a nice stereo and speakers with aux input for my iphone music and replaced the wiper motor – now hes on to more complicated things like pinpointing shorts, missing grounds, dash lights and other such mysteries that have arisen on its first trip out of town. The engine sounds great but nearly 40 years of neglect have played a number on the electrical – especially being in rainy Oregon, rust is abound on every electrical connection. When he’s through itll run like a champ though – he is an engineer afterall. In the meantime Im still trying to arrange my things to fit and be accessible – lots of art and photography supplies. Back to work! I’ll get a post here soon of some of the interior decorating I’ve done – It’s a longer term project that expected but Its at least half done inside. Horray!

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