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Throwback Thursday: Autumn in Asheville

Last weekend my wrist was hurting me and basically ruined our weekend riding plans. It’s been a persistent injury since the first time I laid my bike down in Asheville, one year ago. Usually it’s tolerable but once in a while my wrist is just completely useless after a seemingly…

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Nerd’s Travel Photos Featured in Portland Magazine

Late last year sometime, my friend Chad from Portland, Oregon contacted me about having some of my travel photos from last summer featured in an interesting new travel magazine. The magazine, called “Nowhere is more Important than Here” is a project that Chad and a friend have been collaborating on…

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New York, First few days – Photos

We found a place to camp just across from Manhattan in Jersey City, in Liberty Harbor where the statue of liberty stands. We are just a 10 minute train ride from New York City (I could totally live here). I will write a blog soon, but for now, some photos…


Shoot Em Up Austin

This last week we went out quite a bit and I even got to drop off some rolls of film at a lab that actually cross processes slide film, Precision Camera on North Lamar. Of course they messed up and forgot to cross process one roll – but I’ll forgive…

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New Travel Camera: Pentax K20d

I'm really into photography. It's basically the only thing I spend any large chunks of money on before the RV. Cameras, film, scanner, developing supplies, hi def monitor, lighting equipment, frames etc etc and it isn't about to end just because I live in an RV.