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Page, Arizona and Horseshoe Bend

When it came time to move out of the cabin, we had already started planning to get a U-Haul trailer. This proved a hard decision in itself due to both the potential for snow storms that time of year, ice that remained on the steep road to the cabin and…

National Park

Four Corners and Monument Valley Road Trip

Showing visitors amazing places, or discovering them together, is one of my favorite things about travel, and we don’t get visitors often. One Saturday in February, Ash and I left Ross alone at the cabin and took off with Sherlock to see the Four Corners National Monument and Monument Valley National Park.…


Hoevenweep and Canyons of the Ancients National Monument

We’re catching up a bit on adventures in the past few months. When my friend Ash was visiting, we tried to get out every weekend and show them whatever we could within a couple hundred miles. Had I more money and time, I would have taken a week off to…

Tent Camping

Tent Camping in Kaibab National Forest

We’ve done this before, but last summer. It was hotter, closer to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon, and we were with Ross’s brother, Blair. Both times we brought the bike but this time we planned to spend a little more time on them. We found out while already…

RV Parks

Page Lake Powell Campground

In preparation of leaving the cabin, we took a little weekend trip to Page with some of our smaller stuff. For the final trip, the truck was reserved for pets and motorcycles. We had considered the option of getting a Uhaul trailer so we could take everything at once, but between…

winter cabins

On the Road After Months in the Cabin

So we once again spent the winter in a vacation cabin, as you probably noticed if you follow us on instagram or Facebook. To some this makes us “not full time” but since we still don’t have a “home” and don’t own things like furniture, we don’t really count a…

dualsport featured Utah

House Rock Road, Utah – March 2016

We spent the week with a poor, sick, cat, and we were sure that our weekend would be spent hanging out with her. We stayed home Saturday, gave her medicine, got yelled at a lot, and by Sunday she was feeling a little bit better so we took the opportunity…

Arizona dualsport Tent Camping

Kaibab National Forest Ride – March 2016

So last weekend we went camping in Kaibab National Forest. As usual, we’re not very good at planning despite traveling full time, so we get about an hour into the drive towards the North Rim of the Grand Canyon to find out that Hwy 67 is closed for the season…