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White Sands National Monument, White, Windy and Warm

Today was kind of a laid back day. We’re both resting our wrists and hands from a beating they took last Sunday and both of our bikes are desperately in need of new chains and sprockets. They’re scheduled for next week to have them put on, and in the meantime, we get to just hang out in this beautiful region via foot.

It was super windy at White Sands National Monument, and the sky was white with sand in some places from where the dunes were filling the atmosphere, making the neaby mountains look like ghosts. We hiked around a bit but turned back after our eyes started filling with more sand than we were prepared for. Next time, goggles.

dunes boardwalk dunes 1 jord dunes 3

jord dunes 3

dunes 4 dunes plants_ sherlock dunes 1 ross dunes 1 sherlock dunes 2

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