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Myriad Botanical Gardens and Bricktown, Oklahoma City

When we’re in a bigger city for a few weeks we always try and hit up the local Japanese and Botanical gardens (usually when we’ve run out of nearby hikes). On a cold and boring Sunday in Oklahoma City, our second week in town, we found the Myriad Botanical Gardens right downtown where we could also walk around the historic Bricktown neighbourhood and get a bite to eat. 

Myriad Botanical Gardens

When we entered the garden, which to our surprise was inside a giant greenhouse, the smell of earth and pollen in the air was intense. We immediately found ourselves standing next to a multi-story waterfall in what seemed like a warm, muggy day, in the jungles of Coasta Rica. We had just come from a windy 45 degree day outside and were vastly overdressed for the high heat and humidity inside the greenhouse but were more than willing to strip off our coats and take a long slow walk through this virtual paradise. There was an orchid show going on and the work that went into it was no small feat. Orchids of all kinds hung from cables and walls, and clung as parasites to the sides of trees. Butterflies fluttered about, never seeming to land for more than a second, overwhelmed by the buffet of plant life and spacious bio dome sky. We took our time walking up and down stairs on either end, an elevated walkway on either side and through a courtyard at the bottom that featured a pond  and most of the other visitors. We left only when we were sure we had seen it all, and when we started to wish we had brought water and less clothes.

Bricktown Bewery

20140323_150023After the garden we headed towards Bricktown a few block away, a neighbourhood that, as you guessed it, is very bricky. We first went to the plaza and fountain area by the river where the fountain was still dyed neon green from the recent StPatrick’s Day celebrations a few days earlier. A couple blocks north of that, just past Flaming Lips Alley, was Bricktown Brewery, one of two breweries in the area that had a veggie burger for us. They let us customize our burgers and to our surprise they were 6 inches tall by time they reached us. Passing through the restaurant they prompted questions from other customers, which is at least some indication on how big they were. We both enjoyed a coffee stout with our giant blackbean burgers and were severely stuffed by the end.

I would suggest anyone visiting Oklahoma City check out Myriad Botanical Gardens and walk around nearby Bricktown! Especially on a lazy Sunday afternoon, it may be one of the only parts of town with anything going on at all.



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