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Beer Drinking Around the World: The Who’s Who of Beer Lovers

Wherever we travel we make it a habit to try the local microbrews. Whether in a mix pack of bottles from the store or at the local pubs, we’ve tried an impressive number of beers – though never really bothered to document our interest in beer drinking.
No matter where we go the beer is pretty good, depending on what you’re into. We both like a good stout (especially a chocolate one) but Ross is more prone to drink a summer ale or amber ale, where as Kat usually sticks to darker beers, IPAs and anything with chili pepper in it (when available).
As far as outside the US, I (Kat) have been pretty disappointed with Spain (Barcelona), Uruguay and Argentina, where you can only get some average quality lagers made locally and maybe a Guinness (has fish in it) or Stella Artois. The UK has a pretty good variety though, and I’d like to check out more beers in the South, Scotland and Ireland next time we visit – I want to see that mythical beer “so thick you can stand a spoon up in it” (I mostly hope it doesn’t exist but I want to try it if it does).

It’s pretty crazy what the difference in price and quality can be from one country to the next and I look forward to one day paying .59 cents for a beer in the Ukraine!

Price of Beer Around the World

Infographic by: financesonline.com

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