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Dualsport Ride Map
Colorado dualsport National Forest

San Juan National Forest Ride, Mancos, Colorado

Outside Durango, where we’ll be spending our autumn and winter (as we did 2 years before), there is an enormous National Forest that spreads over a massive area and contains a vast array of elevations and terrain, San Juan National Forest. It’s perfect for exploring, riding, skiing, hiking, wildlife viewing, you name it,…

Arizona dualsport Injuries Sand Riding

Sand in My Throttle

So, we were going ok..o.k….riding in the sand in Page, Arizona. It was strange at first, a little fun, sometimes very unnerving. In the deeper stuff it felt like the bike was swimming and if you went anything near slow, you would start to lose it in all types of…

dualsport New Mexico Single Track

Riding Outside Cloudcroft New Mexico

May 2015 – We had our first group ride outside Cloudcroft, New Mexico. Previously we had done a little single track but mostly dirt roads and winding roads like the Blueridge Parkway. We were invited to this ride by a guy from El Paso, Texas, who we socialize with a…

Alabama dualsport Mud Single Track

Oxford, Alabama and the Kentuck ORV Trail

The weather was still pretty cold and wet when we arrived in Oxford, Alabama mid March. Our RV park was pretty close to a freeway but also pretty close to some national forest, which is what we prefer when looking for a spot (since we can rarely stay in the forests themselves). Other than some random map searches for off…

dualsport Georgia Sand Riding

East Georgia Dirt Farms Down Sandy Roads

It took us a while to find a dirt road around here in East Georgia but when we did, we found a great one. Starting with a muddy construction site, the road soon turned to semi loose sand and we rode for miles exploring at will till heading home just before dark. Aside from a short ride down a packed…